The BIM Software for the parameters free management

JOIN is a BIM software tool for the parameters free management. It stands out for its innovative features and it is suitable to interact with data contained in 3D models, designed by stakeholders involved in the BIM process, just by adopting the IFC standard.

The acronym IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) refers to a standardized digital description of the built asset industry, including buildings and civil infrastructures. It has been established by buildingSMART, the global body that leads the Building Industry digital transformation.

JOIN, as a BIM software comes under the openBIM landscape, an emerging concept that extends BIM advantages by improving the accessibility, usability, management and sustainability of digital data in the construction sector.

JOIN allows all AEC sector’s players to integrate the model with economic, technical, temporal and managerial data. These are essential to guarantee updated and consistent information with each other in all processing steps: design, production and maintenance.

JOIN si based on three main principles:

Providing AEC sector’s stakeholders with a complete BIM management tool.

Creating customized print layout and associating unlimited attributes to objects.

Data interchangeability:

Ensuring interoperability between the various players in the AEC sector by using the IFC standard.

The BIM software able to go beyond Spreadsheet limits.

These three principle combined to the 40 years of experience gained from the software devlopment for the integrated design, allowed Digi Corp to develop a new product that exceeds the limits of using the traditional spreadsheet.In order to achieve the goal, JOIN enables you to create, structure and group attributes and values. These, if properly related, even with the values already present in the BIM information model, allow you to determine costs and times of a construction project. In JOIN, cost and time calculation is carried out in a parametric way based on rules adaptable to the related objects features to be calculated. The adoption of design models and the IFC data standard allows JOIN to deploy the computation rules in new projects. Furthermore, it allows you to create and edit new print layouts in which it is possible to report the information obtained and composed by the values associated to the attributes aleady present in the 3D, 4D and 5D models.

JOIN: the BIM software with IFC standard

In JOIN, an IFC file viewer plays a key role to support all the elements that make up a project. This guarantees both the 3D visualization of the project, and the access to all BIM data and the bidirectional synchronization of the graphic elements with information relating to costs and times processed in JOIN.In particular, thanks to the functions of the viewer it is possible to create federated models of IFC files (architectural, structural, plant engineering for example), filter, isolate and view elements, navigate in the model, generate bill of quantities, obtain IFC files containing BIM objects isolated from the rest of the model and finally it is salso possible to insert in the IFC file the entity “ifccost” determined by JOIN.

With JOIN, the IFC model is enriched with data that can be shared among all stakeholders of a building project.

Attributes play a key role in creating real 4D BIM and 5D BIM models

JOIN is the only BIM software that enables you to create an unlimited number of attributes. Moreover, it allows you to associate them with the bill of quantities measurements, with the items included unit prices list, to the personal data of all th players’ involved in the project, to the tasks of the time schedule, and to all the data sections that you want to create. Consequently, JOIN by managing its own attributes together with the 3D model ones, it allows you to manage the 4D and 5D dimensions of a BIM model in an innovative way. Attributes can be of any type: texts, carrying amounts, numeric values, dates, or references to other attributes. These properties are allocated in the project archive or in the reference databases, it thus follows a perfect integration with the attributes of the digital building model. These properties are allocated in the project archive or in the reference databases, it thus follows a perfect integration with the attributes of the digital building model.

Thanks to this JOIN allows to weave a real information network always updated and synchronized with the 3D model and the IFC file.

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