JOIN, the software BIM tool also available in an educational version.

JOIN, the software BIM tool for building design, is available in an educational version. In order to support students and professors of the Technical building high school, courses and masters in Architecture, Civil Engineering and Construction, we decided to make JOIN available also in an educational version to enable students and teachers to put in practice technical notions acquired during their studying and teaching path.

The educational version of JOIN is complete and released exclusively for the user license, for educational and research purposes only.

Consequently it cannot be used for professional or commercial purposes of any kind.

For this reason we are committed to analyze every request to avoid any profit or commercial purpose.

Who can request the Software BIM Educational versions?

The educational version of JOIN addresses to all those involved in training and research in the AEC (Architecture Engineering Construction) sector. Consequently, JOIN Educational is released free of charge to students, teachers, schools, training institutions, universities, professional associations and colleges that are part of organized training courses or research (including degree theses) in the Building industry.

How to apply for JOIN Educational?

To obtain the software BIM tool you have to SIGN UP in the educational version and fill out the form below. We will then activate the program for a specific period according to your needs. Furthermore Digi Corp makes itself available as a speaker/teacher within the courses to illustrate and explain the use of our solutions.

Fill out the form to get JOIN Educational version.