Services for our software

At Digi Corp, beyond our products we provide services such as free assistance, software development on commission and training courses.

Free Technical Assistance Services

We provide free assistance for JOIN in specific time slots, from 11.30 a.m to 12.30 a.m. and from 05.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. Instead, the premium techical assistance service is available at any time of the day, even via remote connection, you just have to contact us and ask for the premium assistance contract.
There are no filters, when you call our highly trained technician will answer you directly.

Software development on commission

Digi Corp srl provides software on commission for both the public and private AEC sector. We make it possible by starting with a new development project or by creating integration applications with existing software (e.g. specific functions for JOIN).
Our strategical team collaborate with customers in all project development stages, starting with the objectives, constraints and resources. We will then carry out a feasibility study of the project and provide a document with the analysis and proposed solutions.
Subsequently, at this point of the collaboration we continue with the definitive drafting of the project which will be followed by the development, testing and delivery phases of the software.

Training Courses Services

We provide training courses in the construction sector and specific courses for the use of our software BIM tool. Digi Corp has been developing software for the building industry for 40 years. We are known because we develop software in compliance with the necessary regulations in force.
All this is possible because our team is made up of experienced personnel in designining and monitoring construction site safety, in preparing bill of quantities, accounting, price analysis and building inspections.
Specifically, we can organize training courses in the AEC sector by providing teachers, software, databases, educational and high-tech tools.