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JOIN has been developed to manage all ever-changing data in a BIM (Building Information Modeling) process. Its main functions allow you to:

Viewing 3D Model

JOIN has a built-in IFC file viewer which it allows you to apply commands, to select, filter objects and 3D navigation.

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Scheduling 4D

Production times of a construction are managed by a schedule represented with a Gantt chart.

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Estimating 5D

JOIN allows you to calculate and generate a bill of quantities by associating price lists items to the 3D model elements.

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The features of JOIN allow to simplify the work of project managers and companies in the AEC sector.

Synchro 3D-4D-5D

In JOIN, the 3D model visualizations, the bill of quantities estimation and time scheduling activities are automatically updated and synchronized with each other.


JOIN automatically delivers a tasks list at subsequent detailed levels. It provides data to calculate time, cost, resource quantities by representing them in a Gantt chart.


JOIN rules can be used to associate price list items with model elements which are filtered through conditions.

Custom Print

Documents are fully configurable by the user. The print engine allows you to customize layout and content.

Custom Attributes

Attributes can be customized and added to all elements according to 4D and 5D needs.

IFC Standard

The IFC format adopted by JOIN for 3D models facilitates data exhange in a BIM process. It also recognizes formats such as 2x3 and IFC 4.

What can you do with JOIN?

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