The 3D model viewer in IFC format

JOIN 3D viewer allows the user and the Project Manager to deal with data management, attributes and relationships between BIM objects within a 3D model of a construction. Its bidirectional link with scheduling (4D model) and costing (5D model) allows you to easily and effectively obtain:

  • – The computation of a quantity of work;
  • – The determination of analytical cost;
  • – The scheduling of a construction project.

3D Model Features

The 3D module gives access to all IFC attributes associated with BIM objects such as the types of BIM elements, groups or containers of other hierarchically related objects. In this wayall the elements connected by a specific attribute can be selected with two clicks. For example, I can select all the elements belonging to a room, a floor, made of the same material, produced by the same supplier, etc. It’s an endless list as the attributes applicable to each element are unlimited.

To visualize the elements and the connection between them, it is possible to adopt dynamic tree structures. This means that you can adapt the model display according to your requirements with no need to use the typical tree structure of the IFC file.

You can only view the items you need. In other words, you can ask the viewer to show only the BIM objects you need for the building project. As a result, the loading times of the model are significantly reducedas it is not necessary to view the entire structure.

The 3D viewer allows you to navigate within the model and interact with internal data even if it is composed by multiplefederated IFC files. Moreover, it allows you to insert notes just by adding labels that refer to the objects already present in the IFC model.

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